Food to suit your Mood

Here is a bit of nonsense on the theme of food and its consumption. With thanks to Facebook friends who helped me with food-related words, and for my tree surgeon cousin who demanded that addition of a cheese related verse. Free verse with a rogue dabble in rhyme. I might adapt some of this for the Waitrose ‘Year of Poetry’ (link below), if they allow things already published on blogs.


My mum loves licking lids
It makes her feel primeval
(or as primeval as one can feel
without a long journey
or a second human being)

My dad eats slowly, meticulously
separating dishes into forkfuls
of individual component parts
He never leaves a morsel
Never clatters his knife and fork

My cousin likes his food well rounded
Whole cakes
and truckles of cheese
They remind him of the sturdy logs
he creates by cutting down trees

I eat, mostly, whilst alone
with my dinner on my lap
staring blankly at fruit-based gadgets,
and spend too much time
chewing over stew and stewing

Link to Waitrose Year of Poetry


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