North Lodge Cottage

I was given a writing exercise based on compass points and ended up with a list-poem in which I imagine I live in North Lodge Cottage, a little house up my favourite local lane.

I think the ending is a bit weak. Any comments or suggestions?

North Lodge Cottage

If I lived in North Lodge Cottage,
up on the brow of the hill, I would

walk every morning in the fields beyond High Wood and Whinney Fell
with a frisky dog by my side, damp with dew.

I would spend hours and hours in the garden, lying on the grass,
reading The Goldfinch from end to end to a backdrop of birdsong.

I would have the milkman deliver two pints a day, make my own milk
jelly and cardamon custard and develop a dairy-fed complexion.

I would paint the doors and the window frames in Mouse’s Back
and watch Mum’s face crinkle in recognition when she comes to visit.

I would put a sign up over the low hallway door, reading ‘duck or grouse’,
just in-case Dad ventures out of the shed to join her.

I would line the living room walls with shelves and fill them
with the books of the finest Scottish poets

I would live in North Lodge Cottage, doing all these things and more
with you.